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Your Customers Are Looking For You!

No, seriously. Your customers are on the Internet right now looking for what you have to offer. If you don’t have a website in today’s age, you might as well be invisible! If you do have a website, you need to make sure that it is not only fast and functional, but showing up in search engine results at the top! By using proper SEO techniques, we can help you.

Craft SEO Helps You Deliver

It’s a fact you have five seconds or less to convince new visitors that they have found what they’re looking for. Your website better add value, be brilliantly stunning, easy to navigate and fully functional. When it comes to website performance, your site needs to be quick and reliable or the visitor will hit the back button and click on another site!

Affordable Websites

Next Level Performance!

Next Level Performance!

Craft SEO provides exceptional web development services. This service is for those looking to create a website or even redesign an old website. We don’t just create a pretty looking, user friendly front end. We also ensure that you website performs well on the back end. Let us build your website today!

Mobile Responsive

Search Engine Optimization

Beautiful Websites

Performance & Functionality

We Focus on Form & Function

We bring our extensive web development and design skills and understanding to provide your customers an enjoyable and memorable User Experience. Your competition, and your customers, demand intuitive websites that help them find what they came for, fast.

Craft SEO’s web development team understands that today’s technology includes a world of multifunctional devices that come in all shapes and sizes, across all industries. Our user-friendly, high-performance websites encourage repeat business by being attractive and fully functional, including shopping carts and accepting online payments on any device.

Whether you need a simple yet elegant brochure site or a high-powered e-commerce site to grow your business, Craft SEO has you covered.

Expect Better with CRAFT SEO

  • Full stack web development and programming observing SEO best practices
  • A cooperative design process highlighting your brand’s personality, while catering to your business goals
  • Mobile friendly, responsive designs so your website works on any device, anywhere, every time
  • One of a kind web design according to your specific needs and wants
  • Intuitive Content Management Systems allowing you to make anytime changes without any coding skills
  • World-class copywriting to highlight features, benefits, products and deliverable results

Key Elements of Web Development Excellence

Every website is different according to the needs, wants,
and desired outcomes you are interested in.

We coordinate directly with you, the website owner,
to determine how to proceed with building and ‘outfitting’ your site.



    We’re not making it up, there’s a science to how a website is laid out. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.” Experience and training has taught us where items should go on your website to enhance conversion performance and ensure you’re guiding your customers to exactly what they came to find.



    Your website’s graphics are an integral part of your site’s performance. Visually stunning websites perform better than bland sites, or those with poorly matched color palettes.

    Images are important too and we’ll make sure your site has the right images to convey the message your customers will be more receptive to. Again, details are important. For instance, images of people outperform graphics alone.



    It’s imperative that your website’s navigation be intuitive to the user. Offering multiple opportunities for them to get where they want to go reduces bounce rate, and the longer you keep a user on your site, the better your chances of closing the deal. Users will abandon a site they can’t navigate so it’s vital your site is as easy to get around in as possible.


Data Collection

    Data offers you the ability to improve and grow your business. Collecting data about who’s visiting your site and how to get in touch with them later is prized in today’s e-commerce markets. We’ll help you collect analytics, lead capture and much more to help your business thrive.



    Your website is so much more than digital brochure and storefront. We can link your website to inventory databases, point of sale terminals, displays, telecom servers and any other networked device to help you do more, faster. In a hyper-connected world, your website can do it all.

    Your website is at the center of your digital world. We’ll build a website that attracts and retains customers. More than that, we’ll help you stay competitive in an increasingly competitive online environment. Want to stand out from the pack? An amazingly beautiful, fully functional website will increase web visibility and keep your customers, and their friends, coming back for more.



    We don’t own your online presence, or the Internet. Our goal is to help you succeed, not become beholden to us for your success. The Craft SEO team can educate and train your staff to work with your website, showing you best practices. If you ever choose to discontinue using Craft SEO as your web provider we will do all that we can to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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Design & Development

We create your website using the best in industry techniques. For an affordable price, we will deliver you a stunning website that not only looks fantastic, but functions at a high performing level as well!

You Own The Website

After we create your website, you become the owner. We will provide you with all the necessary credentials you will need in order to make updates, add or remove content, and anything else you would like to do with your new website.

Optional Maintenance Plans

We offer optional maintenance plans if you decide that you do not want to maintain your site in any way. In other words, if you just want a website and you just want it to work, we offer both hourly and subscription plans so you will never need to worry about your site. We will ensure everything is up to date, functioning properly, and edit/add/remove content as requested.

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