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Reputation is very important. Especially when you or your company’s site is hosted publicly on the World Wide Web. We ensure that your website is state of the art and able to easily uphold you or your brand’s reputation. We set the bar high – don’t worry.

Take Command of Your Image

Imagine the last time you went out to dinner and wanted to try a new restaurant. How did you choose that restaurant? If you’re like us, you probably Googled it or checked out some popular review sites to see who had enough stars and great feedback. But what if you’re not a business that relies on good reviews to draw customers – does your online image really matter?

Almost everyone knows that today’s customers rely on the Internet to find the products and services they need and want. Many of these consumers use review platforms such as Yelp and Trip Advisor, social media business pages and your website to form opinions about companies they want to work with.

Don’t Be Fooled – They’re reviewing your business too.

Your customers are looking at many aspects such as where your business appears on search engine results, your website’s layout and ease of navigation, and your content. They are also looking at your social media presence and your online reputation wherever they can find it. There’s good news though…

You Have the Power to Manage Your Reputation

Before we dig into how to take command of you reputation, let’s look at what reputation management is.

  1.  It’s the influencing and monitoring of the online reputation of your business or brand.
  2.  Addressing and remedying any negative mentions or reviews.

Most reputation management experts agree, us included, that there are three ways business can do it:

  • Establish – Done by new businesses that are trying create a name or brand for themselves.
  • Maintain – Once a reputation has been established that customers view in a good way, it’s the management steps to keep it that way.
  • Recover – This form of reputation management aims to repair the damage done by bad reviews or other means. Great marketing and promotion is done to help consumers move past or not notice the poor feedback.

How Craft SEO Helps You Establish an Online Reputation

If you’re just starting your business or wanting to start managing your online reputation, we start with increasing your presence online. We develop opportunities for your customers to engage with your business while helping them develop their opinions. Here are the five ways we help you develop your reputation:

  • Blog – Create articles that cover everything your business is doing. The key to blogging is create articles that inform, entertain and add value while positioning you as an expert or thought leader. They key to blogging is regularity, meaning you need to be posting at least twice a week, every week with fresh, useful content so that it stays relevant to the readers.
  • Directory Listings – Much like phone books of days past, directories allow your customers to search for, and find, you by category or what you have to offer. We’ll get your website listed in multiple directories helps drive traffic, which then allows for other reputation management techniques to be employed.
  • Promote Reviews – We can’t stress the importance of reviews enough. Studies show that more than 90% of people read reviews online. An amazing 89% of users trust what’s been reported in a review. The bottom line here is that you want your customers leaving you reviews on as many platforms as possible. Cross-reviews also help. Writing reviews for your suppliers and vendors, and them doing the same for you can go a long way towards increase your reputation.
  • Get Publicity – Doing nothing gets you nowhere. We’ll help put your company into the spotlight. We can deploy a variety of marketing techniques to get your business or brand noticed.
  • Go Social – According to Harris Interactive, 78% of customers look up information about a company or brand before making a decision to buy. With billions of users on social media, sometimes this search begins on your company’s business page. We’ll make sure you presence on social channels is up to date and actively engaging your customers and prospects.

Craft SEO uses all these methods to establish, maintain, and recover your online reputation. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to reputation management and we’ll develop a strategy that’s sure to work for your business.

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