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PPC Management

This service is designed to help turn your potential website visitors into real website visitors. We help set you up with ads placed across the Internet that will market your website to relevant users. Based off of the cookies of individual Internet users, we can help market your website to the most relevant clients through advertisements on other websites. Pay Per Click Management is a proven technique that helps drive business to your website. Don’t worry about the complexity of this process – we’ve got you covered!

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PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing Management

Paid search marketing, including PPC delivers immediate results over organic search traffic which is designed to build your brand over time.

You’ve probably seen banner ads at the top of the screen or on the right side of some web pages. Those ads are the product of keyword-based searches. The idea is, that if someone searches for ice cream, then no matter what page they end up on your banner ad will show up. Google and the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo get paid every time someone clicks on those ads and is redirected to your site. An effective PPC campaign means customers will see your ad first.

A byproduct of using PPC is that it can help you determine what value statements are working, which ones attract the most customers. PPC can help you improve the effectiveness of your website in terms of what content is attractive to consumers.

Our Google Adwords and Bing professionals manage your campaigns to lower your Cost Per Click (CPC) and increase conversion rates and ad quality scores, both of which help your overall SEO and PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Marketing Advantages:

  • Immediate Results – Most online marketing methods take time to cultivate results. Pay per click starts delivering results almost immediately.
  • Customizable – Full control over what triggers your ad. We can determine when, where and how often your ad is displayed.
  • Flexibility – Only pay when consumers click on your ad. You can spend as much as you want or as little as $20 a day.
  • Analytics – Get detailed information on what is, and isn’t, working for your ads and your website.
  • Geo-Targeting – Target by location and time of day to help make sure your ads are seen when people are likely to buy.
  • Direct – Choose which networks and devices you want your ads to show up on.

What’s in it for you to partner with experienced PPC professionals?

Google (Adwords) and Bing (Microsoft) are constantly pushing updates and changes, several times each year. You need professional who are staying on top of those changes and keeping their eye on the latest trends. PPC management is a full-time job.
Imagine paying someone a full-time salary and benefits just so they can stay on top of your paid marketing concerns. All that money you pay to keep them on board could be going to your ad spend, boosting your revenue instead. Plus, are you really willing to pay them, and pay ad spend, while they learn how it’s done, possibly costing you thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it?
Having in-house marketing is great until they leave, taking all that knowledge of what works and what doesn’t with them. We deliver consistent reports so you can see what works and use that info for yourself later if you choose.
Our PPC staff’s only job is to work on paid marketing campaigns. It’s already a lot of work and want them focused only on PPC, not ‘additional duties as required’.
In house politics can dramatically affect how much money goes into your paid marketing efforts. With Craft SEO there’s never any competition over budgets or other resources. You give us a budget, we manage your campaigns – that’s all.

The paid marketing team at Craft SEO knows how to maximize your marketing dollars. Our Pay Per Click services include:

  • Consistent ad split-testing for improved performance
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports to keep you up to date on PPC results.
  • Live expert monitoring and a hands on approach to effectively manage your campaigns.
  • Paid searches linked to your local pages giving you higher local business relevance.
  • Lead to purchase conversion tracking and analytics.
  • Google Analytics reporting and tracking.
  • Day parting and trend analysis to maximize your budget.
  • Retargeting and remarketing, interest and contextual-based campaigns and display advertising.
  • Professionally managed campaigns using our certified Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Ads experts.

SEO and PPC Differences

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes visibility for your site on the Internet while building your brand over time. Think of SEO as a way to promote your business and brand.

PPC directs traffic to your site while creating strategic name branding for your business and increasing leads and conversions. Think of Pay Per Click as a way to sell specific products or services while building your brand awareness.

Combining both SEO and PPC at the same time is like having the best of both worlds, working in concert with each other.

Gaining Your Website Exposure

Ad Design

We can help you design the perfect ad for your website that will gain the attention of potential visitors!

Ad Placement

Based off of what individual users search for, by using cookies, we can get your ad placed in front of the right person, regardless of the website.

More Visitors

When the people who are seeking your services see your ad, they will click on it and get redirected to your website where they can see what you have to offer! This results in more traffic to your website.

Page Optimization

Internal Site Audit

Content Marketing

Technical SEO

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