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Fact - 85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses

As a small business, if you’re not listed on Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are likely losing a lot of business to your competitors who are using Local SEO.

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Local SEO

Be Seen & Heard!

Be Seen & Heard!

Search Engine Optimization is crucial when you own a website. If your site doesn’t display as one of the first results on any search engine, then you have a major problem and are losing out on loads of business. The Internet is a huge, complex place- thats why its called the World Wide “Web”. We ensure that potential visitors of your website are able to actually find your website! Contact us for a free SEO analysis in which we will use our technology to test how “findable” your site is. Your success is our success.

How visible are you to local customers?

Local SEO is a laser-focused form of advertising. Unlike commercials on the radio or television, brochures and print ads that target thousands of customers at a time, local SEO automatically targets your local audience.

Want to find out how powerful local SEO can be? Try searching for “ice cream” or “ice cream near me.” What did you find? Chances are you got some results, and a map with pins of all the place near you that serve ice cream. These result aren’t a coincidence. Every single one of those search results you found are a direct result of that company investing just a little time, money and energy into setting up a local SEO campaign.

As the name of the service implies, local SEO naturally targets your local audience. Even better, it’s usually cheaper than all other forms of advertising combined.

Craft local SEO helps capture local business:

  • By keeping your address current and congruent with any and all local data providers. We also focus on ensuring that your location information with Google My Business is always up to date.

  • By building accurate and complete profiles on all major review sites that impact your business the most. Trip Advisor, Yelp, Angie’s list are just a few, but we’ll make sure to create robust profiles for you on review sites that fall in line with the type of business you operate.

  • By reinforcing your local presence using on-page signals.
People search using mobile devices such as their smartphones now more than ever, making local SEO more important than ever before. The number of people specifically looking for your services right now might surprise you, and hopefully, get you excited about the possibilities that local SEO provides. There are more than 40,000 searches being done on Google alone at any any given second. It’s estimated that more than 50% of those searches are being done on mobile devices. How important do you think having a strong local SEO presence is to your business?

Go local

Craft SEO’s local search engine marketing services will help you make the most out of your local listing. We’ll help encourage your customers to give reviews. We’ve found that social proof such as positive reviews from other customers is a powerful way to drive more business.

We will create steady citations to help guide your customers to your online presence, whether that means your website or one of the online advisory sites. We care about your long-term success and driving traffic via local SEO will help you get there.

As always, whatever online profiles we build for you are yours to keep forever. If you choose to terminate our services, they’re still your profiles.

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Keyword Search

When someone types something relevant to your company or website into a search engine, we make sure that you are one of the very first results!

Competitive Analysis

We test your SEO status with our tried and true methods using our state of the art technology! When it comes to search engine rankings, we will make sure you are always ahead of your competitors.

Link Building

We ensure to connect your site to as many relevant places as possible. By making these connections on the web, your site becomes a more valuable asset with more visitors.

Web Marketing Analytics

We run tests on your website to ensure you are marketing your website properly and efficiently. With our tools, we receive accurate results than can tell us how well your site is performing and how we can improve it.

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