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Need content? No worries. We have your covered. Whether its written content, professional video production, professional photography, or top-notch graphics or logos- we have you covered! Our team of experts can take care of all of those things for you, while you focus on running your company!

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Content is Still King for Online Business Success

Since its inception during the early days of the internet, content marketing and strategy has been an undeniable force. The way we communicate, and how our customers expect to be communicated with has been forever changed. If you want to make friends and influence people, strong content is where it’s at.

Content Marketing

Now more than ever, your customers want to hear your story. Telling it well and sharing as much valuable expertise as possible are the hallmarks of every great brand. However, getting your content (story and expertise) in front of the right people is supremely important. After all, if no one is listening then your story doesn’t really matter.

Content marketing is the creation and promotion of your content to a specific, targeted audience. Unlike spaghetti marketing, which is throwing some stuff together and hoping something sticks, we put together a comprehensive package to bring a strong voice to your brand, building rapport and trust.

Enter content marketing by Craft SEO: We put what makes you valuable, useful, needed and wanted in front of the right people. We’ll design a content strategy just for you as the centerpiece of your overall marketing efforts. Done right, you’ll see more traffic to your site and enjoy better conversion rating as more people become aware of your brand, and your authority.

Got Content?

Content comes in many forms, but regardless of form it’s always useful, informative and frequently entertaining. You see content every day in the form of web copy, videos, blogs, native social media and even in print such as magazines and newspapers.

Our mission is two-fold: creating amazing, engaging content & planning the most effective ways to promote it to your customers. Done right, your customers will do the rest by sharing it and promoting themselves because you’ve become known as an authority – a valued purveyor of quality information, insight and products or services.

  • Craft SEO content marketers create effective, engaging content like:
  • Blogs, landing and squeeze pages
  • E-books, guides and whitepapers.
  • Infographics, charts and maps
  • Email and Messenger blasts, newsletters and updates
  • Videos and podcasts

We’ll help you define and laser-focus your target audience and create a comprehensive content strategy to connect with your customers wherever they’re at in the relationships: Prospecting, Sales and Retention

What Does Content Marketing Increase For Your Business?

  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Traffic to your website or sales pages
  • Leads, conversions and sales
  • Authority and builds trust, leading to more customer referrals
  • Sets up your staff and brand as experts with solutions to problems
  • Repeat sales and customer retention

Of all the tools we have at our disposal to help you reach your goals, historically, content is the most effective. At our core, Craft SEO is group of dedicated content marketers who also know how to use technology and data to deliver results. We produce high-quality content, then apply other tools and strategies such as on-site organic SEO, link building and earning, social media and public relations to deliver the results you need.

Connecting our clients with their target market and increasing sales through our inbound marketing services and strong content strategies using powerful, rich, thought-provoking content is what we do and who we are.

Craft SEO content marketing is designed to prompt engagement with our inbound marketing assets by:

  • Establishing and growing email opt-in lists
  • Provide organic traffic to websites
  • Earning backlinks and SEO strength
  • Growing social media presence
  • Developing landing and squeeze pages for pay per click

There’s far too much content online being published simply because people know content is king. Our content marketers, strategists and creators agree with the vast number of readers who are annoyed with this practice.

We are genuinely interested in you, your business, your goals and what you have to offer. We take the time to understand your business so we can understand your content needs. Let’s collaborate and find an effective, sustainable content marketing strategy that your customers will appreciate and value.

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