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We make websites.
Really good ones.

Affordable Websites. Starting at $1,500.


We do the hard part

You simply provide your content.
We turn it into a website, built for 2019.

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Full-service SEO

From keyword research to content creation, we offer a full line of SEO services and related products.

Blog Writing

Thoroughly researched, thoughtfully written. Our content writers will provide excellent material to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Forms & Opt-Ins

We offer dark & light contact forms, several email opt-ins, and slim email opt-ins.

Reputation Management

We've partnered with the premium review generation software provider to give you unbeatable pricing when it comes to growing your online presence.

Stunning Imagery

Parallax backgrounds and use of whitespace allows the focus to be on your images.

Team Options

Showcase your Team in a beautiful way. We'll make sure the column order adjusts for tablet & mobile.

Pricing Table

Showcase your pricing tiers with our simple, bold Pricing Tables.

Boutique Hosting

Our hosted clients receive complimentary 72-hr backups, in addition to 24-hr customer support.

Amazing Support

Call or Email us and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Save Hours on Design

Craft SEO

Craft SEO was created with the goal of offering unique, high-end websites at a price that makes sense for a small business.

Let us build your digital storefront.


"I tried my hand at the do-it-yourself sites, but it's never as easy as they make it sound. The Craft SEO team made it simple. Once I sent in my content, they used their magic and returned a fully-developed, beautiful site."

Veldon Sallee

GeoTechnical Innovation, PLLC

"Having worked with several design agencies, I can confidently say that the Craft SEO team made the process faster and more affordable than anyone else I worked with. I gladly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their online presence."

Jim mallory

Real estate developer

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+ Meetings

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Frequently asked questions

What's it cost?

The short answer:
We charge $1,500 for an informative website up to four sections (or pages).

If you have a lot of information, or need additional functionality, you'll need to consult us to determine the cost.

Do you provide hosting?

The short answer: Yes.

We offer the best customer service, along with free 72-hour backups of your site. Contact us at for pricing.

Are your sites mobile-friendly?

The short answer: Definitely.

We design each site so that it performs flawlessly on any screen size, on any device, using any browser.

Beautifully Responsive

Your site will look great on your tablet or mobile device. Everywhere you look, people are on their phones. We make sure that when they visit your site, it is both aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable.

It's 2019. People are more mobile than ever. Make sure your site is too.

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